Mgr. Iva Gacíková

  • I´m a certified clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
  • I have 15 years of experience in psychotherapy, psychological assessment, clinical psychology, school psychology and psychological counseling in personal growth and coaching
  • I´m a member of Slovak Chamber of Psychologists and Slovak Society for Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy and Slovak psychotherapy Society
  • I translated several psychology books from English to Slovak
  • Psychotherapy, coaching and counseling services are also available in English and German

From my work I know, that sometimes we need to stop and make a change, so that we can go forward in our lives.

Psychotherapy - coaching - counseling is an amazing space for you to organize your thoughts, come to understand your emotions and beliefs, find relief from symptoms of psychic difficulties and find strength to face the everyday and the serious challenges of life.

My role is to help you search for solutions, find your way to yourself and to others, live a fulfilled life. Together we work on a gradual change, that is very much worth it.